Z1934 Type DEdit

Zerstörer 1934 was the first German destroyer class built since World War I. They were not very good ships. Built rapidly, they were too wet in heavy seas, which could make their forward guns unusable, there were structural weaknesses and machinery problems.

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  • KM Tier IV DD
  • Required XP to unlock: 1.757
  • Price: 765 credits
  • Durability: 27.874
  • Speed: 36.8 knot (with upgrade: 40.5 knot)
  • Overheat Duration: 2.9 sec
  • Overheat Cooldown: 7.2 sec (with upgrade: 6.48 sec)
  • Auto AA Accuracy: 35.0%
  • Defence level: 1

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Equipment Edit

Main battery: (1x 5" /45 SK C/34) x5 Edit

  • Reload time: 3.83 sec
  • Range: 1770 m
  • Shots: 800
  • HE damage: 736
  • Max angle: 85 degrees

can be upgraded to (2x 4.1" /65 SK C/33) x5

  • Reload time: 3.59 sec
  • Range: 1710 m
  • Shots: 800
  • HE damage: 649
  • AA damage: 195
  • Max angle: 85 degrees

Torpedo launcher: (3x 21") x2 Edit

  • Torpedo damage: 6951

Depth charge: (3x C/15) x1 Edit

  • Damage: 3803

Sonar Edit

  • Range: 530 (with upgrade: 636)

Base Occupation

  • Damage: 1430
  • Ships: 222

Notes Edit

  • Try to buy the main battery upgrade - it gives you a lot of extra damage.
  • When you know that a submarine is nearby you, use sonar (press 6 and space). Now you will see the submarine as a red circle with two numbers (1~5 / 6~10 / 11~15). For example, if you see "1~5", it means that the enemy submarine is somewhere between 10 and 50 meters under water. At 0 and 10 meters under water, the submarine is visible without sonar and can be shot at. Anywhere between level 2 and 15 (20 - 150 m under water), the submarine is invisible to anyone but sonars, cannot be shot at, but also cannot launch torpedos. With depth charge (press 5 to select and space to use) however, you can damage submarines while they are under water, but you have to guess at which depth they sail. With "R" and "T" you change the depth by 1 level (10 meters). If you set the depth charge at the depth of a nearby submarine, he will take full damage. If you set the depth charge at one level above or below submarine's actual depth, he will take half damage. Anything above or below that will not harm him.