The Type IA, second submarine on the KM SS line,

is considered by some to be the best KM submarine.

it retains the speed of lower tiers, and has an arsenal of 4 torpedo tubes in the front, 2 in the bow, and a deck gun. this is more weaponry then the next 3 tiers of Subs!

Type IA
NF2SS 2015-02-10 16h58m35s
Price 48,350
Exp Cost 42,900
Previous Ship Type II
Next Ship Type VIIA
Durability 12,753
Speed 23.4
Armament Torpedos: 4 front, 2 rear
Other attributes
Defense Level 2
AAW Accuracy 38.5%
Landing Force Power 0
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0
Dive Duration 1 min 50 secs (approx)
Max Depth 7