Scharnhorst Icon
Tier VI Battleship of the KM
Price 67.186
Exp Cost 44.800
Previous Ship Moltke
Next Ship Mackensen
Durability 72.441
Speed 25.6 Knots
Armament 11" /54 SK C/34 3 x 3 (HE: 2.610)

5.9" /60 SK C/28 2 x 4, 1 x 4 (HE:1.083 / AP : 1.300)

4.1" /65 SK C/33 2 x 7 (AA: 192)

Other attributes
Defense Level 3
AAW Accuracy 38.5%
Upgradeable Stats 3 x 11" Type II

Damage: 2.610 -> 2.827

Reload: 11.75s -> 11.27s

DP Enhance II
Durability: 72.441 -> 76.441

Engine Power III
Speed: 25.6 -> 27.9 Knots

Damage Rate II
Hull limit reliability:
79.6 -> 83.68

Landing Force Power 928
Available Aircraft 5
Aircraft Space 52
Launch Capacity 1
The Scharnhorst was the Lead-Ship of her Class which consisted of 2 Ships and being Classified as Battleship by the German Kriegsmarine. Due to her small Main-Armament she often was classified as Battlecruiser or Heavy Cruiser by allied forces. Initially constructed to be able to have her Main-Armament replaced by the bigger 38cm guns which also were used by the Bismarck-Class, these plans have never been realized.

Built in 1936 the Scharnhorst first was intended to be a "Panzerschiff" joining the Deutschland-Class type of Ships, after a remodel in 1939 however she was put into service and took part in multiple operations of the German Kriegsmarine where she took damage on various occasions, ultimately being sunk in an hour-long battle on December 26th 1943 est. 160km north of the North Cape(Norway).

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