Raubvogel Type M
Raubvogel Type M Icon
Starter Ship of the KM
Price 0
Exp Cost 0
Previous Ship -
Next Ship F.T Boot 39 Type M
Durability 21.739 DP
Speed 35.8 Knots
Armament 4.1" /45 SK C/32 1 x 3 (HE: 517)

21" Torpedo Launcher 3 x 2 (Dmg: 6.951)

EMA 3 x 1 (Dmg: 8.661)

Other attributes
Defense Level 1
AAW Accuracy 35%
Upgradeable Stats 4.1" Type II

Dmg: 517 -> 737

Reload: 3.83s -> 3.35s

Range: 1.590m -> 1.710m

DP Enhance II
Ship DP: 21.739 -> 22.739

Engine Power
Speed: 35.8 -> 37.6 Knots

Landing Force Power 1430

Built from 1925-1927, 6 ships of the "Raubvogel-Class" saw service and are represented by the single "Raubvogel Type M" ship, which is the first ship of the Kriegsmarine (KM) type of ships the player has access to.


Due to the low exp and credit cost of the next ship, most players won't be using it for a long time, resulting in its optional upgrades being a waste of time and credits. Nontheless it's a good ship for players that want to go down the Destroyer line and pick up general experience playing these type of ships, which are often used as quick torpedo boats to intercept enemy advancement.

Due to the lack of damage output by its main armament consisting of 3 single barrel 4.1" guns, it lacks in overall firepower rendering it almost defenseless against bigger types of ships other than Destroyers when Torpedo reload is in progress. Since it has only 2 x 3 Torpedo tubes, which can be used in both directions, torpedo placement is essential as well as the approach and retreat from the enemy.

Screenshots Edit

Raubvogel Type M Dock
Raubvogel Type M in Dock