Project K
Project K Icon
Price 154,360
Exp Cost 97,750 (from Seydlitz)

130,113 (from Blucher)

Previous Ship Seydlitz


Next Ship Project J


Durability 40,058
Speed 23.7 knots
Armament 5.9" /60 SK C/25 2 x4 (HE: 1,108)

4.1" /65 SK C/33 2 x4 (AA: 651)

Other attributes
Defense Level 4
AAW Accuracy 21.0%
Upgradeable Stats Hull Limit Reliability -> 83.425%

OH Duration -> 3.33s

Aircraft Space -> 962

Landing Force Power 650
Available Aircraft Recon, Fighter, Dive Bomber, Torpedo Bomber
Aircraft Space 842
Launch Capacity 5

She may look small, but the Project K is quite the capable CV with a powerful defensive armament.

Suggested Strategy Edit

As with any CV, you'll want to avoid being found when playing the Project K. Although her defense guns are powerful, they have a limited firing arc and cannot fire directly forwards or backwards, and the Project K itself is quite squishy.

Being a Tier VII CV, you don't get access to much that you didn't already have access to with the Project D or the Seydlitz. You have the same type of aircraft available to you, and the same launch capacity. You do, however, get a fair bit more aircraft space than previous CVs, and this can be upgraded even further.

Play to survive, prioritize your targets, and keep in mind the tips on the ship classes guide as well as the aircraft guide.
-NavyField 2- Project K Tier VII KM CV

-NavyField 2- Project K Tier VII KM CV

Recommended Equipment Edit

  • Boiler
  • Bulge Armor can offer a nice buffer against subs and DDs that will try to hunt you down, but don't go overboard -- you want to squeeze every knot of speed that you can out of this thing if you want to stay alive.