Another Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser, the Prinz Eugen was famous for being the Bismarck's escort on her maiden voyage.

Prinz Eugen
Eugen Icon
Tier X KM CA
Price 538,270
Exp Cost 972,354
Previous Ship Admiral Hipper
Next Ship Deutschland
Durability 105,866
Speed 32.6 knots
Armament Main: 8"/60 SK C/34 2 x4 (HE: 2024)

Secondary: 4.1"/65 SK C/33 2 x6 (HE: 683, AA: 205)

Other attributes
Defense Level 6
AAW Accuracy 42.0%
Upgradeable Stats Main armament -> HE: 2,601, 8.88s reload

DP -> 111,866

Speed -> 36.5 knots

Defense Level -> 9

Hull Limit Reliability -> 83.085%

Landing Force Power 812
Available Aircraft Recon
Aircraft Space 39
Launch Capacity 1

Suggested Strategy Edit

An absolute beast of a ship, the Prinz Eugen combines -- and slightly improves upon -- the offensive capabilities of the Hipper with the upgrade path of the Deutschland. The result: a fully-upgraded Prinz Eugen dishes out more damage than any other KM CA, and matches even the godly speed, defense level, and DP of Tier XI ships.

When you reach the Eugen, you'll have played the Hipper for quite some time, and therefore should be right at home. Since the two ships are of the class, their playstyle is nearly identical. It's a much smoother transition than going from the Blucher to the Hipper.

These qualities arguably make the Eugen the premier ship of the KM CA line, but that doesn't mean that it is completely without disadvantages. It's quite a large ship, and even high tier battleships can easily land multiple shells on you if you're not good at dancing.

Another thing to consider: though the Eugen is an incredible ship when fully upgraded, it doesn't necessarily start out that way. Especially if you come to the Eugen from a fully- or nearly-fully upgraded Hipper, you'll find that some of the ship's stats seem like a downgrade at first. However, stick with the grind, and you'll soon have one of the best if not the best CA in the game. It is highly recommended that you upgrade the Eugen's speed before anything else.

Keep in mind everything you learned while playing the Hipper, adjust for the vastly improved speed and increased size, and with the Eugen, you'll be able to take on almost any situation.

-Navy Field 2- The Art of the Turnaround

-Navy Field 2- The Art of the Turnaround

Recommended Equipment Edit

Same as the Hipper. However, it should also be noted that an SW'ed setup on the Eugen can have even more dramatic results than on its predecessor. When fully upgraded and equipped with a 5% boiler, the Eugen is capable of an impressive 38/45 knots (cruising/OH).