P Class
Price 286,900
Exp Cost 260,162
Previous Ship S Class (SS)
Next Ship O Class (SS)
Durability 18,396
Speed 21.9 Knots (without Boiler)
Armament Front: 6x Torpedo Launchers (12,662 Damage)

Rear: 2x Torpedo Launchers (12,662 Damage)

Other attributes
Defense Level 4 (Upgradable to 6)
AAW Accuracy 33.1%
Upgradeable Stats 1x 533" Type I (Torpedo reload time)

Defense Level Enhancement

Sonar Reload Time

Boiler Enhance (Overheat duration)

Torp. Slot Expansion (Shots)

Landing Force Power 0
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0
Dive Duration 110.9
Max Depth 9

Tier 9 U.K. sub. Historically, there were 2 "P" Classes of U.K. subs. The first P Class, also called "Parthian Class" was built in the late 1920s and is the class found in NF2, according to the NF2 store. In the late 1940s, the Royal Navy built several "Porpoise Class" subs that also became known as P Class, but these are not found in NF2.

This is the first U.K. sub that has aft-fired torpedoes. Switch between Forward and Aft Launchers with the "c" key. Though there are no numerical specs to show it, the P Class is much more responsive when turning than any of her predecessors.


The combination of increased agility and torpedoes both fore and aft makes it reasonable to attempt hunting other submarines and even destroyers and cruisers when circumstances are favorable.

By this point, you are now driving a boat that is a priority target to the enemy. Combine that fact with the fact that your large air tanks take a long time to refill, and new problem emerges: enemy subs will hunt you when you are refilling your air. Be sure to spam sonar whenever you are on the surface if there are enemy subs unaccounted for somewhere in the battle. Chances are good they are seeking you out.

The cost of advancing to the Tier 10 O Class is quite high, when the mandatory upgrades in between are taken in to consideration. Because of this, it might make sense to invest early in upgrading defenses and torpedo reload time, rather than going straight for the O Class. The overheat upgrade is required to advance to the O Class, but the benefit of actually buying the equipment once it is researched is trivial. Approximately 1/6th of a second in added overheat time per upgrade. Do the research, but save your credits. It is not mandatory to buy everything you research.

If you haven't done so already, Tier 9 is a good time to review your officers as you prep for end-game. Officer & Crew.


Boiler, Repair Crew