O Class Type M
File:0 Class Type M Image.png
Price 206
Exp Cost 200
Previous Ship Towne Type M (DD)
Next Ship C Class Type M (DD)

C Class (CL)

Durability 24,762
Speed 37 Knots
Armament 1X5 4.7"/45QF Marks XII (HE 670)

Torpedo Launcher 21" 3X1 (6,951 Damage) Marks XXV 3x1 (9,623 Damage)

Other attributes
Defense Level 2
AAW Accuracy 35%
Upgradeable Stats Gun Reload

Overheat Duration

Defense Level (max 4)

Main Gun Ammo Expansion (max 980 shots)

Landing Force Power 1430
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0

WWII era convoy escorts/submarine hunters. O Class Type M is the Tier 2 U.K. destroyer.


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