O Class
Price 668,230 credits
Exp Cost 1,080,393
Previous Ship P Class (SS)
Next Ship A Class (SS)
Durability 18,945
Speed 22 Knots (before Boiler or research) (max 31 surface, 26.5 submerged)
Armament 1X Deck Gun (Marks XXIII (HE: 699)), 8 X 21" Torpedo Launchers (6 front, 2 rear) (12,662 Damage)
Other attributes
Defense Level 4
AAW Accuracy 33.1%
Upgradeable Stats Torpedo Reload Time, Ship Speed, Hull Limit Reliability (damage required to lower ship speed), Sonar Detection Duration
Landing Force Power 0
Available Aircraft 0
Aircraft Space 0
Launch Capacity 0
Dive Duration 115.2
Max Depth 10

Tier 10 U.K. sub. She has a deck gun, slightly longer dive time and significantly more speed than her Tier 9 equivalent.


The main difference between this sub and her predecessor, the P Class, is speed. With 550 more Durability, but no ability to research the Defense Level above 4, this boat remains a glass cannon. Though the damage output and reload time are identical to the P Class, expect your kills to increase a good bit with this boat due to the ability to get into good firing position faster and more often. The increase in speed from Tier 9 is substantial, making the O Class one of the fastest subs in the game and nearly as fast as the A Class. Keeping up with your team, and getting away from enemy sub-hunters is a little easier now. And it is now finally possible (with a gold Boiler) to catch up to some enemy battleships that are heading away from you. Most will still be able to pull away, but for once you have a chance some of the time. If you liked the P Class, you will love the O Class.


Boiler, Repair Crew