SMS Moltke  was the lead ship of the Moltke-class battlecruisers of the German Imperial Navy, named after the 19th-century German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke. Commissioned on 30 September 1911, the ship was the second battlecruiser commissioned into the Imperial Navy. Moltke, along with her sister ship, Goeben, was an enlarged version of the previous German battlecruiser design, Von der Tann, with increased armor protection and two more main guns in an additional turret. Compared to her British rivals—the Indefatigable class—Moltke and her sister Goeben were significantly larger and better armored.

The ship participated in most of the major fleet actions conducted by the German Navy during the First World War, including the Battles of Dogger Bank and Jutland in the North Sea, and the Battle of the Gulf of Riga and Operation Albion in the Baltic. Moltke was damaged several times during the war: the ship was hit by heavy caliber gunfire at Jutland, and torpedoed twice by British submarines while on fleet advances.
Moltke i


Stats Edit

  • Tier V BB
  • Required XP to unlock: 22.400
  • Price: 37.190 credits
  • Durability: 64.925
  • Speed: 25.3 knot (with upgrade: 27.6 knot)
  • Overheat Duration: 2.6 sec
  • Overheat Cooldown: 12 sec (with upgrade: 10.8)
  • Auto AA Accuracy: 38.5%
  • Defence level: 3 (with upgrade: 5)

Moltke ic
Moltke 1
Moltke 2

Equipment Edit

Main battery: (2x 11" /50 SK L/50) x5 Edit

  • Reload time: 12.96 sec (with upgrade: 12.47)
  • Range: 2204 m
  • Shots: 400
  • HE damage: 2266
  • AP damage: 2719
  • Max angle: 30 degrees

Secondary battery: (1x 5.9" /40 SK L/40) x12 Edit

  • 6 turret guns left-side / 6 turret guns right-side
  • Shots: 1080
  • HE damage: 939
  • AP damage: 1127
  • Max angle: 30 degrees

Base Occupation Edit

  • Damage: 928
  • Ships: 222