The BB Lexington seems to be a bit of an enigma, at least for me anyway. Fresh out of the box with no upgrades she is sluggish and lackluster at best. The projectiles from her main batteries seem to have some kind of will of there own and more often then not will randomly fall about the intended target.

However that being said, I now have her at about 85% upgraded and she has definitely become some new kind of animal. A single well placed salvo from the 16" guns will deep six most DD and CL's or render them to cannon fodder for your own support ships. The secondary guns are 6" not 5" like most all the other BB's and they cycle quickly. Generally two salvos from the 6"s is how much time it takes for the main guns to come back online. So between the two you are able to keep up a fairly constant rate of fire. The third tier guns are strictly AA only.

I have also noticed that the next two BB's seem to be a step down from the Lexington. So be prepared to slum it for a considerable amount of time if you have your heart set on the North Carolina.

In conclusion, I plan on sticking with the Lexington unless there is some way to bypass the two duds they put in the way of the really good stuff. She's a very capable ship and if you can muster up a little patience to do the upgrades I don't think you will be disappointed. She works best in the shadows and at the edges of the main battle but, has performed better then expected in close quarters as long as her guns can remain at battery.