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Price 62,710 credits
Exp Cost 92,835
Previous Ship Mackensen


Z1936A 1945 Type D

Next Ship Leipzig

Z1936A 1945 Type D

Durability 46,534
Speed 36.4 Knots
Armament 5.9"/60 SK C/25 3X3 (HE:1,108)

3.46"/76 SK C/32 2X3 (HE:599)

21" Torpedo Launcher 3x4 (Dmg: 6,951)

EMB 3X1 (Dmg 9,623)

Other attributes
Defense Level 3
AAW Accuracy 21.0%
Upgradeable Stats Main armament -> HE: 1,189, Rld: 4,79s

Speed -> 40 knots

OH Duration -> 5.52s

Main Gun Ammo -> 1,050 rounds

Landing Force Power 856
Available Aircraft Recon
Aircraft Space 50
Launch Capacity 1

Suggested Strategy Edit

With the Tier VII Konigsberg, the KM CL line truly starts to come into its own. Unlike the previous KM CLs up until this point, the Konigsberg can perform the duties expected of a CL and outshine equally-tiered DDs, thanks to its sleek profile, good speed, and excellent array of armaments.

Your main guns deal an impressive amount of damage for a CL -- more damage per shell than even the dreaded tier IX Brooklyn of the US Navy. Unlike a DD, you should rely on these guns as your primary method of engagement, while generally reserving your torpedoes for things like covering a retreat. You also want to hold off on using mines unless you are covering a retreat, particularly one through any kind of chokepoint.

Don't neglect your flak! You have AA shells available in both your primary and secondary gunsets. Often, it is a good idea to focus solely on knocking down enemy scouts and other aircraft to cover your teammates while waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

Since you have 9 guns in your main armament, a flak salvo from these guns is quite powerful. However, these guns are limited in their maximum angle, so keep enemy aircraft at a distance if you want to make extensive use of them.

As a CL, you're somewhat squishy (though not nearly as much as the previous KM CLs), so there aren't many engagements you can take straight-up. That is to say, you can't take an even 1v1 fight trading salvo for salvo against much else other than DDs, subs, and ships of lower tier. However, your damage output is still formidable. Be sneaky and opportunistic. Screen capital ships on your team, and/or put pressure on ships that are engaging them.

Recommended Equipment Edit

  • Boiler