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Price 207,190 cr
Exp Cost 312,758XP
Previous Ship Kuma 1945 (CL)
Next Ship Mogami P (CL)
Durability 52,347 - 55,347 DP
Speed 37.3
Armament 21" Torp Launcher 3X10(7,646 Damage),
Other attributes
Defense Level 4-7
AAW Accuracy 42-44%
Upgradeable Stats 3X610" Type 1 (Torp Reload), DP (+5K possible), Defense Level (+3 possible), AA Gun Power, AA Accuracy (+2% possible)
Landing Force Power #
Available Aircraft #

Kitakami was one of the three Kuma-class light cruisers of the IJN that were remodeled into a new class of torpedo cruisers, a short-lived plan in the early 40's to create a special battle force capable of surprise torpedo attacks at night against larger enemy warships. However, advances in submarine warfare and naval aviation made the torpedo cruisers deemed obsolete, and the ships were converted into fast transports. In the later years of the Pacific War Kitakami was slated for a conversion into a Kaiten human torpedo carrier, but never actually served in this role. She survived the war, and was scrapped in 1946-47. Historically, Kitakami mounted ten quad launchers for torpedoes.

Kitakami -- Tier 9 Japanese Light Cruiser. This ship is a torpedo launcher's dream, capable of firing more torpedoes at once than any other ship in the game. This author cannot verify, but has heard that this ship can fire 15-25 torpedoes per broadside simultaneously. I believe the correct number is 15 per side.

Suggested Strategy Edit

Keep an eye on the number of torpedoes remaining. It is easy to run out of torpedoes in this ship.

Suggested Equipment Edit

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