HMS Hood or Admiral Class Battlecruiser Edit

Hood, Admiral Class
Hood in-game (note the upgraded guns, stock gun turrets look slightly different)
Price 210, 500
Exp Cost 50, 157
Previous Ship Queen Elizabeth 1943
Next Ship Nelson
Durability 85, 701
Speed 27 knots
Armament Primary: 15"/42 Mark I 2x4 (HE: 5,176)

Secondary: 4"/45 QF Mark XVI 2x7 (HE: 681)

Other attributes
Defense Level 4
AAW Accuracy 38.5%
Upgradeable Stats DP, Engine power or speed, Primary gun and Secondary gun, Primary gun ammo
Landing Force Power 928
Available Aircraft Recon
Aircraft Space 52
Launch Capacity 1
HMS Hood was the last battlecruiser ever built for the Royal Navy.

As one of the largest and, ostensibly, the most powerful warships in the world, Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy and, carrying immense prestige, was known as ‘The Mighty Hood’.[1]

In-game, it's undeniably big as it was in real life. The ship has a great DP and ever better with the DP upgrades reaching up to 92, 701 DP. Compared to the other tier 8 battleships like the Bayern and New Mexico, it's a relatively large target. Although with proper usage, skill, gunnery officers and such, it's a pretty dangerous ship floating out there.

Tips Edit

When using the Hood, you must remember that the key to beating other ships out of the water is not spray and pray with full salvo mode.You need to use 'Sequential Fire' or turret switching tactic(switching from front turrets then firing then switching to aft turret then firing). As a battlecruiser, she's supposed to be fast but in-game, she's considered a battleship so the speed is no longer your advantage. The advantage here is keeping your enemy blind, you have 7 AA batteries in twin mounts and that's more than enough to take out enemy scouts. Basically:

  1. Check for scouts and shoot them down if there's any.
  2. Fire AP shells if you think your enemy still got armor, if not fire with HE.
  3. Use evasive maneuvers to dodge possible incoming enemy fire.
  4. Repeat and if anything gets close, use your secondaries as self defense system. (Great for sinking SS in my opinion)

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