Hailing from the same era as its predecessor, the Roon, the Furst Bisarck may at first seem like not much of an upgrade, but is far more than meets the eye.

Furst Bismarck
Furst Bismarck Icon
Tier V KM CA
Price 21,580
Exp Cost 20,160
Previous Ship Roon
Next Ship Scharnhorst 1906
Durability 64,008
Speed 30 knots
Armament 9.4"/40 SK L/40 1898 2 x2 (HE: 1,907)

5.9"/40 SK L/40 1 x12 (HE: 934)

Other attributes
Defense Level 5
AAW Accuracy 27.9%
Upgradeable Stats Main Armament -> HE: 2,048, rld: 10.8s

OH Duration -> 3.41s

DP -> 68,008

Landing Force Power 774
Available Aircraft none
Aircraft Space -

Suggested Strategy Edit

Whether you enjoyed the Roon or despised it, the Furst Bismarck should come as a pleasant upgrade. As the ship's layout -- two large, twin turrets for its main battery and numerous single guns for its secondary battery -- is more or less the same as the Roon's, the playstyle of the Furst Bismarck is fairly similar. However, there are a few key differences.

The guns of the Furst Bismarck pack a fair bit more of a punch than those of the Roon, and if you upgrade them fully, you'll even be able to match many of the Tier IX CAs in terms of damage per shell. The secondary battery also gets a minor boost to damage compared to the Roon, but the real upgrades are the four extra guns and much better firing arcs boasted by the Furst Bismarck's secondary battery. As with the Roon, keep these guns singing in between your main salvos, and you'll see a dramatic increase in your damage output. Your secondary guns are also capable of firing directly forward or backward, meaning that the Furst Bismarck can perform the "wiggle" maneuver [video coming soon!]. Use this sparingly to help get yourself out of trouble!

The Furst Bismarck is also a fair bit smaller and more nimble than its predecessor, meaning you can be a bit more audacious in your gameplay. Find opportunities to harass larger ships when they're distracted, and use your speed and maneuverability to escape if they turn their attention toward you.

Keep in mind everything you learned in the Roon, escort your capital ships if need be, and you'll be racking up the damage in the Furst Bismarck.

Recommended Equipment Edit

  • Boiler
  • As with the Roon, armor may be a bit of a hindrance if you're new to the game, both in terms of expense and in robbing you of that all-important mobility. Experiment with loading a single stack of Tier V deck, belt, and bulge and see whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in your particular case. Your mileage can and will vary.