Admiral Hipper
Hipper Icon
Price 231,090
Exp Cost 234,146
Previous Ship Blucher 1915
Next Ship Prinz Eugen
Durability 101,504
Speed 32.2 knots
Armament Main: 8"/60 SK C/34 2 x4 (HE: 2378)

Secondary: 4.1"/65 SK C/33 2 x6 (HE: 672, AA: 202)

Other attributes
Defense Level 7
AAW Accuracy 42.0%
Upgradeable Stats Main Armament -> HE: 2549, reload: 8.88s

Secondary Armament -> HE: 683, reload 3.59s

OH Duration -> 3.91s

Main Armament Ammo -> 800 shells

Secondary Armament Ammo -> 2640 shells

Landing Force Power 812
Available Aircraft Recon
Aircraft Space 39
Launch Capacity 1
The Admiral Hipper class was the premier heavy cruiser for Germany during the Second World War.

Suggested Strategy Edit

If you've made it this far, then you've hit the stride of the KM CA line. The Admiral Hipper is a fantastic ship at tier IX, featuring a powerful main armament, a capable secondary armament, and two qualities that none of the previous KM CAs possess: access to scouts and AA. Doubtless, if you've done well in the previous CAs, the addition of these two powerful assets will make you feel quite powerful.

That being said, the Hipper plays a bit differently than its predecessors. Unlike the various iterations of the Blucher, the Hipper has its four main turrets split between the fore and aft parts of the ship. As they are rather far apart, you should make heavy use of the E key to converge your guns, if you're using auto aim.

The Hipper can also be a bit more difficult to play than previous ships in the KM CA line for a few reasons. First, although you wield impressive speed, you are a fairly large target. Second, The addition of scouts and AA means that you have to multitask a lot more in the Hipper than in previous CAs. You must learn to handle this added pressure, especially when it comes to using your secondaries: you have to choose, in the heat of the moment, whether it's more important to get out a little extra damage on an enemy ship, or to switch to flak and knock its scout out of the air. But, if you can rise to the challenge, the Hipper is a truly formidable ship.

The Hipper's secondary armament has a fantastic firing arc, making it fully capable of performing "the wiggle." Use this tactic sparingly to increase your chances of survival.

Recommended Equipment Edit

  • Boiler
  • You can run armorless, SW'ed setup, but should you choose to mount armor, mount 1 each of tier V deck, belt, and bulge.