Price 142
Exp Cost 315
Previous Ship UK: Town Type M

KM: Raubvogel Type M
US: Clemson Type M
IJN: Minekaze Type M

Next Ship none
Durability 25,327

(UK: 26,594)

Speed 30.2 Knots

(UK: 31.7 Knots)

Armament UK: 2x 5"/51 Mark 7 x1 (HE: 823 Damage)

KM: 2x 5"/45 SK C/34 x1 (HE: 914 Damage)

US: 2x 5"/51 Mark 7 x1 (HE: 784 Damage)

IJN: 2x 4.7"/45 10th Year Type x1 (HE: 705 Damage)

Other attributes
Defense Level 1 (UK: 2)
AAW Accuracy 21%
Landing Force Power 3,200
Available Aircraft none
The APA, or Auxiliary Personnel Assault ship, is a troop transport vessel designed to land large numbers of combat troops onto unoccupied or enemy bases and take control of them with astonishing speed. It has virtually zero capacity to engage in ship-to-ship combat.

The APA is a unique ship in a couple of ways. It's playstyle is completely unlike any other ship, and it's also the only ship in the game shared by all four nations. The stats of all the APA's are virtually identical, with the exception of the UK APA, which is differentiated by the UK's national bonuses. Due to this similarity across nations, the stats of all four APA's are collated on this page.

Suggested Strategy Edit

Since all the APA's are pretty identical to one another, and since there's essentially only 1 ship in the entire APA class, the advice given here won't differ much from what's already been said in the ship classes guide. Basically, your sole purpose as an APA driver is to capture the living heck out of every base on the map, secure vision and map control for your team, and prove a colossal nuisance to the enemy team. Make sure you make use of the bases' teleport feature to maximize your ability to escape angry enemies and to move around the map rapidly to capture more bases.

Notable Conflicts Edit

It will be noted that even a small ship such as the APA can have a masive effect on the battlefield. And as such the following Kills belong to the APA.

NobleCptn in Yamato killed by VulkanNo1 in APA

Recommended Equipment Edit

None. (Boiler Optional).